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Husband Wife Relationship Quotes – Couples Good Relations Thoughts

Great collections of Husband Wife Relationship Quotes – Couples Good Relations Thoughts, Sayings, Messages Pictures and more. Husband and Wife Quotes Thoughts Sayings Pictures Messages Wallpapers Download

A Pious Wife can make a Poor Man Feel Like the Richest Man in the World.

Christian Relationship Quotes and Sayings about Husband and Wife - Marriage Thoughts Images

A Relationship Between ‘Husband & Wife’ must be Like ‘Fish & Water’,
But not Like ‘Fish & Fisherman’.


Husband and Wife have a Solemn Responsibility to Take Care for One Another..

Husband Wife Relationship Thoughts Images Wallpapers

A Relation is Like Where You Talk Like Best Friends,
Play Like Kids, Argue Like Husband & Wife, and Protect Each Other Like Siblings.


Husband and Wife Relationships are Like the Relationship of Tom&Jerry,
Though they are Teasing and Fighting but can’t Live without Each Other.

Islamic Quotes about Relationships Wife and Husband

A Good Husband is Wipes Her Tears,
But a Great Husband Listens to the Story of why She’s Crying.


When a Man Says ‘I Accept’ at a Marriage Ceremony,
He is Saying I Accept the Responsibility of Providing for My Wife,
Loving Her and Protecting Her.


The Relation Between ‘Husband & Wife’ is Like, the Relation Between Hand & Eyes.
If the Hand gets Hurts, the Eyes Cries, & if the Eyes Cries the Hand Wipes its Tears.

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes Couples Good Relations Thoughts Images Wallpapers Photos Pictures

The Relationship Between Husband and Wife should be One the Closest Friends. – B. R. Ambedkar


The Sample of Bringing Up Children is the Relationships Between,
A Wife and a Husband, a Mother and a Father.


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