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Basic Meditation Technique for beginners – 5 Easy Steps to Meditate


Here is a Basic Meditation Technique for beginners – 5 Easy Steps to Meditate:


1. Prepare Your Space

Find a place where you can enjoy some quiet solitude. With practice, you will find it easy to meditate anywhere, even if it is noisy and busy. But when you are first learning, it is better to be alone, and free from distractions.

If you opt for an indoor location, take a minute to prepare the space. It will be easier to relax if the area is clean and tidy, not jumbled and disorganized. Some people like to turn off the lights, burn some incense, light a candle, etc. Do whatever helps you to get “in the mood.”


2. Set A Timer

This is crucial. In the beginning, the urge to give up and go do something else can be overwhelming. If you don’t commit to meditating for a set amount of time, the odds are you’ll quit before you give it a fair chance.

So get a timer or stopwatch, or just set the alarm on your phone (be sure to choose a soft and soothing tone, rather than a harsh, screeching one). Decide how long you are willing to practice; it can be as short as 5 – 10 minutes, but you will reach a much deeper state of relaxation if you give yourself more time. I personally recommend you start with 20 minutes.

Then make a commitment to yourself to practice until the time is up — no matter what. Distractions will happen. Your phone might ring, your pet may come begging for attention, etc. Most of all, your restless mind will come up with an endless list of things you could be doing instead.

Don’t fall for it! You’re better than that. You can do this.

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3. Settle In

Find a comfortable sitting position. It’s not necessary to fold your legs a certain way, pinch your middle finger and thumb together, or assume any bizarre and unnatural posture. What matters is that you sit upright and keep your spine straight, but relaxed. Stay loose, not rigid.

If you elect to sit on the floor, you might find it helpful to use a cushion (or two), in order to raise your behind and relieve pressure on your legs. Some people use a meditation bench. It’s perfectly okay to sit in a chair, as long you sit upright and don’t slouch.

Once you find your comfort zone, it’s time to close your eyes and settle in…


4. Breathe and Relax

Pay attention to your breath. Feel the air as it flows in and out. Feel your chest and belly expand and contract. Each time you breathe out, let yourself relax more and more deeply. Little by little, release any tension that you feel in your body.

As we sit with our eyes closed, with nothing to keep us busy or distracted, we usually discover places that are tight and tense — especially our shoulders, legs and lower back; or the muscles around your eyes, your neck and jaw. Wherever you find yourself clenched up, just relax and release.

With every out breath, feel yourself relaxing more and more; sinking deeper and deeper into a calm state of rest.

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5. Observe, Don’t Judge

You will find that it doesn’t take long for your mind to wander off somewhere. After a minute or two you will realize that you aren’t paying attention to your breath at all. Instead you’re thinking about an email that you need to answer, or what you’re going to make for dinner, or there is a memory or a movie scene running through your head on repeat, or… you get the picture.

That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong, or that you can’t meditate. This is meditation!

As you sit and breathe and relax, thoughts will come and go. Don’t judge them as good or bad. Don’t judge yourself for thinking them. Whenever you notice that you’ve wandered off, just gently bring your focus back to your breath, to your body and your senses.

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