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Good Personality Development Quotes, Thoughts about Character Develop

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Good Personality Development Quotes

I Hold that a Strongly Marked Personality can Influence Descendants for Generations.
– Beatrix Potter

I’m not Arguing, I’m Simply Explaining why I’m Right.

Always be Urself, Express Urself, have Faith in Urself,
Do not go out and Look for a Successful Personality and Duplicate it. – Bruce Lee

We don’t See things the Way they are, We See things the Way We are..

Beauty Gets the Attention, Personality Gets the Hearts.

You can’t Photoshop Your Ugly Personality.

Personality Begins where Comparison Ends. – Karl Lagerfeld

An Ugly Personality Destroys a Pretty Face.

Beauty Attracts the Eye but Personality Captures the Heart.

Personality can Open Doors, but only Character can Keep them Open.

Leadership is the Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality.

In the Simplest Terms, a Leader is One who Knows where He wants to Go, and Gets Up and Goes.

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Ability may Get You Top, but it takes Character to Keep You there.

Leaders Always Choose the Harder Right rather than the Easier Wrong

Character Matters; Leadership Descends From Character.

Leadership is not a Title. It is a Behavior. Live it.

‘A Leader is Someone Who Demonstrates What’s Possible.’

Effectively Lead Others, by Firstly Learning to Lead Yourself.

I don’t know any Other Way to Lead but by Example.

Learners having Character, Conviction and Commitment are on their Way to Leadership.

People with Good Intentions make Promises,
But People with Good Character Keep Them.

Goodness is about Character –
‘Integrity, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Moral Courage, and the Like’.
More than Anything else, it is about How We Treat Other People.

Whoever is Careless with the Truth in Small Matters cannot be Trusted with Important Matters.

Integrity without Knowledge is Weak and Useless,
And Knowledge without Integrity is Dangerous and Dreadful.

The Foundation Stones for a Balanced Success are,
‘Honesty, Character, Integrity, Faith, Love and Loyalty.’

Integrity is the Heart of Character, don’t Lose it.

Everyone makes Mistakes, but Only a Person with Integrity Owns Up to them.

Integrity is Choosing Your Thoughts and Actions based on Values rather than Personal Again.

The High Road is Always Respected,
Honesty and Integrity are Always Rewarded.

Integrity is doing the Right Thing, Even when No One is Watching.


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