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Kamal Haasan Inspiring Quotes Pictures – Actor Kamal Haasan Sayings

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Religious people are so convinced that only their religion is the right one. You will never find them asking for Muslim Blood or Hindu Blood or Christian blood at a blood bank when they need it.
They ask for one unit of O negative or two units of A positive. I flunk to understand, why do they fail to remember the religion only at medical emergencies and not at other life situations. To my conscience, Humanity is the Mother of all religions. Be the Human and Being Human raise the standard of Humanity. – Kamal Haasan

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You do not have to search for heaven
Its right here!!
You don’t have to wait for the doors to open.
It’s already open!!
If you don’t know how to enter what am i to do? – Kamal Haasan


Thanks to history books, I have realised that people over the years have been dying of war, and that enabled me to realise that there is nothing stupid like war. – Kamal Haasan


There was an agitation against Mumbai Express: because part of it is an English word. There is no Tamil word for Mumbai Express. I am sure all those who were against it, even they wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ to their lovers in Tamil. Many don’t even thank in Tamil – Kamal Haasan


I am a 21st century man. I don’t believe in magic. I believe in sweat, tears, life and death. Kamal Haasan


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